Banking and Fintech

The New Financial Digital Revolution
Cooled and Powered by Submer

Slash your TCO
by up to 40%

Save up to 95% on cooling OPEX and 50% on CAPEX building costs

Low Latency

Bring compute where your customers most need it and guarantee low latency in any part of the world

More Density for
Better Performance

Increase your computational capacity and deliver your customers a safe, reliable and uninterrupted service

When Finance and Technology
Meet with Submer’s Smart Innovation

  • Get More Power Density in the Same Space

  • Achieve Efficiency

  • Reduce Latency

  • Improve Safety, Resiliency and Connectivity

  • Save 25-40% on your TCO

  • Improve your Performance

Highly Efficient Solutions for HPC Applications

Submer’s SmartPodX technology is the most efficient method to cool the new generation of HPC applications and supercomputing systems.

Shifting to the Cloud Efficiently

Submer has outlined an innovation roadmap to help our customers plan their cloud strategy and make their datacenters smarter and more sustainable.

Safer, Faster, Greener:
The New Banking & Fintech

Fintech is disrupting the financial world as we know it. Sumer designs a series of solutions to better navigate through the financial digital revolution and implement technological innovations in a safe and scalable manner. Submer’s technology:

  • Is easy to deploy, implement and maintain (thanks to Edge-ready solutions)
  • Is user-friendly and practical (silent environment and comfortable temperatures)
  • Guarantees hyper-efficient Immersion Cooling to deliver unprecedented HW density necessary to cope with solutions such as AI, ML, and RPA.

Submer Services for Banking and Fintech

  • Facility Analysis

  • Design and Planning

  • Deployment and Activation

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • All Necessary Certifications

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way

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