Sustainable Digital Transformation:
A Challenge for Technology, a Challenge for Society

Welcome to
the Exascale era!

Enter the Exascale era as a protagonist of the prestigious Top500 list

Good for you,
Good for the Environment

Be a leader of sustainable innovation thanks to a cleantech guaranteeing an mPUE of 1.02 and zero waste of water

More Density for
Better Performance

Achieve HW density >100kW and increase your computational capacity to support AI, ML and HPC applications

With Submer’s Technology,
the Bigger the Scale, the Better the Benefits

  • Be a Protagonist of the TOP500 & Exascale Era

  • Become a Smart Innovation Ambassador

  • Get More Power Density in the Same Space

  • Achieve and Promote Sustainability

  • Save 25-40% on your TCO

  • Improve your Performance

Highly Efficient Solutions for HPC Applications

Submer’s SmartPodX technology is the most efficient method to cool the new generation of HPC applications and supercomputing systems.

Making AI & Machine Learning Even Smarter

With Submer’s practical, easily scalable and maintainable technology, you get all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, without the downsides.

Discover the benefits of Submer’s Immersion Cooling for HPC.

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Green Digital Revolution:
A Challenge for Technology, and Society

Submer’s solutions help governments cope with the requirements of supercomputing, HPC, AI and ML in an efficient and green way. Submer’s cleantech:

  • Can cool unprecedented HW identity by uncapping thermal design limitations
  • Offers easy to deploy, implement and maintain Edge and AI solutions
  • Guarantees high efficiency, resiliency and hyper-efficient Immersion Cooling solutions

Submer Services for Government Institutions

  • Facility Analysis

  • Design and Planning

  • Deployment and Activation

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • All Necessary Certifications

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way

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Government institutions and education and research centers have the unique chance to be at the head of a digital revolution that will be technological as well as environmental and social. Discover how Submer can help your organisation to be ready for that inspiring challenge.