The benefits of working with Submer

  • Achieve a PUE <1.03

  • Save 25-40% on TCO

  • Up to 100kw of compute density

  • Reduce latency and increase speed deployment

  • +30% in HW life-span

  • -60% in HW failure rate

  • Save 50% on CAPEX building costs

  • Save 95% on cooling OPEX

  • Zero waste of water

  • Re-use of heat


Technical specs

Heat dissipation capacity (kW) 50 kW
Double tank IT gear capacity (U, OU)

Note: OCP’s power shelf/ves (3 U each) is/are excluded.
45 U / 42 OU
Maximum power consumption (W) 750 W
Mechanical Power Usage Effectiveness 1.015
Dimensions, L x W x H (cm, in) 231 (L) x 93 (W) x 121 (H) cm
91 (L) x 37 (W) x 48 (H) in
Maximum height with lid open: 192 (H) cm 76 (H) in
SmartCoolant capacity (l, gal) 1217 l / 322 gal
Weight, empty (kg, lb) 887 kg / 1,956 lb
Weight, full of SmartCoolant weight (kg, lb) 1,897 kg / 4,182 lb
Footprint, L x W (m2, f2) 2.15 m2 / 23.14 f2
Floor load capacity, full of SmartCoolant and excluding IT gear (kg/m2, lb/f2)

Note: The floor load capacity calculation considers the weight equally distributed on two (2) 0.6 m x 0.6 m tiles for the X model and on three (3) 0.6 m x 0.6 m tiles for the XL and XL+ models.
1,756 kg/m2 / 360 lb/f2
Power supply options (CE) 380-400 V 50 Hz / (UL) 208-230 V 60 Hz
Power supply connection options (CE) Industrial connector three phase 3P+E+N 16A IEC 60309
(UL) 20A NEMA plug L2120
Water supply connection options (CE) G 1 1/4" BSPP female, zero-leak quick water couplings
(UL) G 1 1/4" NPT male, BSPP-NPT adapter to zero-leak quick water couplings
Water supply inlet temperature, recommended less or equal to (°C, °F) 32 °C / 89.6 °F
Water supply outlet temperature, expected (°C, °F) 5 °C / 9 °F higher than selected water inlet
Water flow rate (m2/h, gal/hr) 9 to 11 m3/h / 2,378 - 2,906 gal/hr
Head loss in the CDU
(bar, psi, at a a 9 m3/h and 2,377.6 gal/hr water flow rates respectively)
1.3 bar / 18.6 psi

Turnkey Immersion Cooling

Want to roll-out Immersion Cooling in your new or existing infrastructure? Submer delivers turnkey Immersion Cooling technology including primary cooling, secondary cooling, resilient pump-sets all the way to certified hardware with a guaranteed unrivalled end to end PUE, anywhere on the globe...

- Facility design and planning
- Deployment and activation
- Certified immersion hardware
- PUE certification
- Preventive and Corrective maintenance
At Submer's core you will find a team with decades of experience in Data Center design and operation. We have been in your shoes.

Submer Services

  • Facility Analysis

  • Design & Planning

  • Deployment & Activation

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • All Necessary Certifications

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way (this is for free)

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