Efficient packaged solutions
for the Industry

  • HPC Applications

  • Edge Computing

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Cloud Computing

  • Blockchain

  • Rendering and Gaming

Highly Efficient Solutions for HPC Applications

Submer’s SmartPodX technology is the most efficient method to cool the new generation of HPC applications and supercomputing systems.

High performance computing

Delivering High Density to the Edge

Our Edge-ready solutions guarantee high density, low latency and top performance wherever you need it!

Edge computing

Making AI & Machine Learning even Smarter

With Submer’s practical, easily scalable and maintainable technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, become even smarter!

Ai and Maching Learning/

Shifting to the Cloud Efficiently

Submer has outlined an innovation roadmap to help our customers plan their cloud strategy and make their datacenters smarter and more sustainable.

Cloud computing

Deploying Blockchain Workloads Safely and Efficiently

Thanks to Submer’s flexible, modular and scalable technology you can deploy enterprise Blockchain workloads anywhere and achieve unprecedented IT density.


Rendering and Gaming: Enter the Age of Wonder with Submer

Submer’s smart technology allows you to deploy ultra-dense enterprise Rendering and Gaming workloads with a swift and easy integration of our solutions in your datacenter.

Rendering and Gaming

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