Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

Making Ai and Machine Learning Even Smarter

With Submer’s technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, become even smarter! Thanks to their practical, easily scalable and maintainable design, Submer’s solutions allow you to deploy dense AI and ML workloads without disrupting your existing datacenter planning.

Submer helps you slash OPEX and CAPEX associated with AI/ML operations thanks to its innovative AI-in-box solutions guaranteeing:

  • Fast deployment of plug-and-play AI solutions anywhere (from the Edge or office locations to large scale supercomputer systems)
  • Minimum or no retrofitting of your facility
  • High efficiency and resiliency


Basically, because Immersion Cooling is 95% more efficient than traditional cooling technologies.

  • 1,400 times better thermal conductor than air
  • > 40% less TCO*
  • 8 times less conductive conductor than air

SUBMER vs Air Cooling

  • End to end solution to densities and efficiency challenges
  • Compatible with Fiber Optics
  • No need of great adaptations to all your HW

SUBMER vs Liquid Cooling

  • Scalable & modular
  • Owns fullstack of the technology
  • SmartCoolant lifespan to 20 years

SUBMER vs Immersion Cooling Competitors

* $ Total Cost of Ownership SmartCoolant:
he = 2050 W/m2K
Air: he = 10 W/m2K

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