Cloud Computing

How to deal with the increasing shift of workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and the subsequent massive energy consumption?

Submer has outlined an innovation roadmap to help our customers make their datacenters smarter and more sustainable, leveraging:

  • Leading OEM/ODM hardware partnerships
  • Software and financial services tailored to your needs
  • Immersion Cooling solutions with unprecedented economic and operational benefits
  • A network of channel partners with ready-to-deploy offerings

Deploying Submer’s solutions means embracing a future-proof technology that is not built into your servers (in comparison to air-cooled fans or direct liquid cooling heatsinks and piping). Start planning now your cloud strategy with us: we will walk you through all the steps making your smart datacenter experience unique. 

Design together with Submer your new generation of immersion-cooled datacenters.

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